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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

WWelcome to the world of Amazing Smiles! For the very first time in human history, man has the

ability to dramatically improve his appearance through the marvels of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic
dentistry, simply stated, is the art and science of dramatically improving the appearance of a person’s
teeth and smile, thereby changing their entire appearance.

      The field of dentistry developed in response to a human need. That need was to correct all ailments
associated with teeth and gums. This included restoring or replacing broken or missing teeth.

      Dentistry’s primary goal is still to restore a patient’s overall oral health, but while physical health is
always the main objective of dentistry, another need emerged concerning our teeth. We developed a
desire to look more attractive.

      We all want and need to feel good about ourselves. Nowhere is that more important than at the
most apparent focal point of our faces… our smile. Our smile reveals so much about us. It communicates
our message and our intentions. It lets others know if we approve, if we like, or if we are attracted to
what we observe. On the other hand, when we believe that our smile is a detriment, it can dramatically alter
how effectively we are able to communicate. When we lose our ability to communicate, our life changes.
Some people believe in their hearts that they never had the ability to communicate effectively because
they never had an attractive smile. For these people, an unattractive smile can have incredible negative
consequences that affect self esteem. An unattractive smile affects people both in social situations and in
their job performance.

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