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We are often not aware of how people around us react to our smile. Does anyone doubt that a smile
         is not that important? Imagine making an expensive purchase of an elegant product or high end service
         from someone with a horrific smile. How do you think this would affect you? Would it enhance or detract
         from this special experience? What would happen in a restaurant if you notice that your waiter has
         infected gums and horrible teeth? You just may lose your appetite. What about meeting that special some-
         one in your life? Your eyes meet. Then the subliminal smile says something… what would yours say if
         you did not like your own smile?

                 Unfortunately, people with unattractive teeth and gums tend to hide their smile. They withdraw
         from situations that could possibly expose their unsightly smile. They lack the confidence to take the lead
         and/or project their views in front of others because they imagine that they may be judged by their smile.
         They are not as effective as they could be in business situations, social encounters or romantic relations.
         These people become more introverted and, at times, depressed. They avoid social interactions for fear
         of rejection or embarrassment. Patients in their 50s and early 60s who have worn or dark teeth start to
         look and feel prematurely older than they really are. This may be the catalyst of a winding downward
         spiral into old age.

               As sad as all this may seem, it does not necessarily have to be this way. There is hope and there
         are real solutions. With advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, a mouth can be restored so that any per-
         son suffering from low self-esteem can become more confident. A bright, new smile can literally change
         one’s life.

               This book will become an invaluable tool to anyone looking to benefit from a better looking smile.
         But first, there are some things you must know.

               Welcome to the life changing field of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is that area of dentistry
         that not only restores teeth to a state of health, but also emphasizes and improves the appearance of a
         smile. Cosmetic dentistry should be regarded both as an art and a science with the objective of making
         one’s smile more beautiful. With the aid of the latest materials and techniques, cosmetic dentistry can
         change and create a better looking smile more comfortably than ever before.

               The following chapters provide the rules that govern how smiles look, show the procedures that can
         be used to attain an attractive smile, demonstrate real life examples of these procedures and answer the
         most frequently asked questions regarding cosmetic dentistry. My intention is to inspire you or someone
         important in your life to get on the road to a healthy and amazing smile.

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