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Underbite Correction - No Surgery

Non Surgical Underbite Correction

Underbite Correction Without SurgeryHaving an underbite or any form of dental malocclusion can create difficulty chewing and can cause insecurity and low self-esteem. Many people are told that the only way to correct their malocclusion is to go through extensive orthodontic treatment or to undergo radical and risky orthognathic surgery. These alternatives take years to accomplish and are very costly. Complications from surgery can be drastic and often permanent. If you have an underbite and do not want to wait years for orthodontic treatment, or do not want to risk the dangers of orthognathic surgery, come see what the dentists at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry can do for you. In only two visits, we can dramatically transform your smile and your profile. Let us show you actual cases and videos of people just like you who have gone through this process and are amazed by the results.

Jaw Surgery Alternative

Underbite Correction An underbite, also known as a class III malocclusion, is a common jaw relationship found in many people. When a person has normal occlusion, the upper and lower teeth align in such a way that the upper teeth fit slightly over the lower teeth when biting. When a person has an underbite, however, the mandible (lower jaw) protrudes forward in front of the maxilla (upper jaw), causing the lower teeth to overlap the upper teeth when the jaw is closed. This gives the chin and lower teeth a more prominent.

This patient chose to avoid a very long surgical procedure known as orthognathic surgery to correct a severely collapsed underbite. By using full mouth porcelain crowns and veneers to raise his bite, his malocclusion was corrected giving him a more natural looking bite arrangement.

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