Page 9 - Amazing Smiles
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 There are so many people who have contributed to making this book
       possible. I particularly want to thank Brenda Star, president of

   Star Group International for encouraging me to go forward with this
      project. I also want to thank her great editor, Shawn McAllister

and talented designer, Mel Abfier. As with so many projects, there are so
many people in the background whose support I could always count on.
 They include my associates, Dr. John Ianzano and Dr. John Varoscak.

   In addition, my great staff was always there to help with the details.
Thanks to, Kristine, Liz, Karen, Francy, Alma, Barabara, Debbie, Nancy,

       Sarah and Katherine. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the
 outstanding work by Danny, Glen, CK, and all the other technicians at

            Americus Lab who made most of these cases possible.

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